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Who We Are

On January 12, 2010 an earthquake devastated Haiti. The area around Port-au-Prince was hit the hardest. Hundreds of thousands were injured and more than 4,000 became amputees. Local hospitals, with humanitarian aid, were able to provide care for the injured immediately after the quake. After a short hospital stay, however, everyone was sent "home". To tents, to damaged houses and rubble-filled streets. There were no clinics available to patients to return for rehabilitation following the earthquake. Many had severe crush injuries of the hands, legs and backs. Many more had fractures. Stroke patients were unable to walk, and had no means to recover. Most amputees were waiting for new limbs to be fitted.  We decided someone needed to create a clinic. So we did. 

Check Out How GTG Got Its Start!

The Early Days

Gobal Therapy Group's humble beginnings can be traced to the receptiveness of the L'Hospital Communite de Hatienne (HCH) and the generosity of Henri and Caroline Hudecourt, and their family.  

Growth and Development

Just as the Port-au-Prince community embraced our clinic, we knew we needed to give back.  GTG received generous enough donations to hire two full time translators and rent clinic space from an old electronics store front. 

Toward The Future

In the spring of 2013 GTG applied for funding from the Red Cross to make our dream of building a permanent clinic in Haiti a reality. The Red Cross approved our application and we broke ground on our new facility in Fall of 2013. 

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