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Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Haiti?

No, only a passport is required

What Immunizations Will I Need?

A complete list of recommended immunizations can be found on the CDC website, however, we recommend getting a Hepatitis A vaccine and prescriptions for immunization of both Typhoid and Malaria. Infection control is serious business and we are professionals.  We practice universal precautions every day in Haiti.  We have added a few more specific protocols to prevent the spread of cholera in the clinic (mostly, judicious use of bleach!).

I've Heard Haiti Is Unsafe, Is That True?

We practice personal safety in Haiti as we do at home. We stay aware of our surroundings, we listen to government updates and we listen to the advice of our Haitian friends and colleagues, who live and work everyday in Haiti.  We have well-known and respected drivers and translators and the guest house is amazing.  Your safety is paramount if we are to continue to provide rehabilitation services.  A 2013 article by the BBC summarizes much of the dispute over the safety of Haiti . If you have any concerns about safety in Haiti, feel free to contact us

What If I Run Into A Problem While In Haiti That I Can't Fix?

Global Therapy Group communicates daily, via e-mail, with the volunteers to address any operational issues related to the clinic, such as where to refer difficult cases, what equipment or supplies need to be brought by the next team, or any general concerns they have.

Still Have A Question?

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to working with you soon.

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