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Global Therapy Group was created in response to the dire need for rehabilitation services in Haiti following the earthquake of January 2010. The high number of injuries caused by this natural disaster initially prompted humanitarian aid and medical care to flood the county, but with few lasting efforts for sustainable care. We are committed to providing ongoing therapy services, medical education programs and employment opportunities in the Port-au Prince community. Since 2010 GTG has had volunteers from over 25 states and 6 countries across the globe.​

We are currently seeking volunteer physical, occupational and speech therapists, as well as physicians, nurses or other medical professionals for a two week or longer rotation at our out-patient clinic. You will work along side our Haitian therapy staff to provide therapy and share knowledge of the latest therapy techniques. If you are interested in joining us for an exciting, inspiring experience click the link above and find out more.


On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti.  The area around Port-au-Prince was hit the hardest. Hundreds of thousands were injured and many became amputees. After their injury and a short hospital stay, everyone went “home”, to tents, damaged houses, and rubble-filled streets.


There were no clinics for patients to return to for rehabilitation following the earthquake.  Many had severe crush injuries of their hands, legs, and backs.  Many more had fractures.  Stroke patients were unable to walk, and had no means to recover.  Most amputees had no access to crutches much less prosthetic limbs.

We decided someone needed to create a clinic.  So we did.

Our Mission

Global Therapy Group, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was created to bring sustainable rehabilitation services to the people of Haiti. We are committed to providing therapy services, education, and employment opportunities in the Port-au-Prince community. Volunteer therapists from around the world travel to Haiti to assist us in this mission. We strive to bring hope for a more independent future to the Haitian people we serve. 

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Global Therapy Group provides sustainable rehabilitation services to the people of Haiti. Since 2010, GTG and its volunteers have helped thousands of Haitians in need of therapy. We have assisted earthquake victims, but also found there were many Haitians whose needs existed even before the earthquake. Children with developmental disabilities, young adults with severe strokes, and many elderly who simply need a cane or walker to remain independent. Besides physical therapy GTG also provides high blood pressure screening and stroke prevention education, diabetes screening and education on dietary changes for optimal health.

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